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I did these when i had my topic up its kind of dead now but it does’t matter…

Most of the MCL fandom when they were kid

(This is not the real deal just how i’d see them younger) 

(Fuente: princesskeithy)

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Happy Birthday Castiel! (12/08)

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Hello my fellow candies! RedVelveet (or if you know me only on Tumblr, skyentific-investigations) here. It has come to my attention that a lot of the edits that are being made are either not being tagged as edits at all, or are just being placed in the standard tags such as “my candy love” or “amour sucre”. Some of these look very much like they’re actually from the game, so it causes confusion for new players and since these edits have been spreading like a wildfire, it can annoy some other players who aren’t too keen on the tag being cluttered! ono 

So, MCL fandom, I ask you to please tag your edits appropriately. Tag them as either “mcledit” or “mcleditor” or whatever and NOT in the standard tags (Ex. “my candy love”) to avoid clutter. uwu 

Thank you, and you may go back to scrolling peacefully.

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Why is the AS contest only open to European people? //sobs into infinity

I mean, I’d be way cool if my designs were picked.

I’m not really sure why it’s just opened for Europe. Well, maybe because they mail your somoething, right? Ah, I’d just love for my designs to be used in the game… Well,…

Well, yeah… I understand your point of view… It’s not really fair that people from other countries can’t participate… Right now I feel so fortunate for being Spanish…

It would be great if everyone could participate… But it would be also kind of hard to pick the winner? Think of the millions of users that would do all the versions of Amour Sucré together… Like it or not, they’d get a LOT of designs that they’d have to look and see if they aren’t copied (because there’s always someone who thinks that if they take a picture from the Internet and post it, nobody will notice and they’ll win the contest) in order to pick a winner… 

And yes… The prize is that your designs will be used in the game and they’ll be re-drawn by ChiNoMiko, besides they’ll send you home the three figures that were sold at Japan Expo (Armin, Lys and Castiel)

And you’re quite right… Each Sucrette has distinct characteristics, which makes creating a “general” parent somehow difficult… @A@U

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Si… odio a Dake e________e con toda mi alma lksjlfjslfjsklf ….
No sé si me faltan otros chicos… pero bueno…

Disculpen mi enooooorme lentitud respondiendo preguntas… realmente eh estado sufriendo bloqueo artístico T_T …

Yes, I hate Dake… WITH ALL MY SOUL.

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//Someone stop me.

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For anyone who has a a french account can we just talk about how frustrating those flying cupcakes are? First off, the last one I saw was like a month ago. Second off they only show up the second I click for a different page. & finally ALL I WANT IS A COLORED WIG BUT ALL I GET IS DUMB BRACELETS!!!!


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I said I was going to draw

I said I was going to draw

it didn’t happen

a novel 

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» Second Contest Prize


Second Prize for that-quiet-girl-called-I. A full body of her Candy, who drew tulips for the theme. 



I really liked the idea of the tulips! *u* Thank you again~! >w<))

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